Finnerty makes the outdoors come alive.


Natural Stone

 Stone has been a timeless component of the landscape long before construction existed. Finnerty incorporates natural stone into both landscaping and interior projects.


Plants tell the story of a landscape. The colors and textures create seasonal interest and fragrances create drama. Correct plantings blend with natural surrounds.



Accenting landscapes and features of your home creates a warm ambiance that invites your family and guests to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

A variety of finishes to create a year round space.


Brick lined bluestone patios take the indoors outside. Ample space allows for multiple configurations of seating, a table, and space to enjoy the fireplace. The natural stone fireplace features a large bluestone hearth and carries the same brick detail from the patio into the firebox. Recessed lighting within the mantle create endless decorating possibilities. Multiple focal points were created with the addition of the built in outdoor smoker. The arch trellis feature draws your eye to the scale while hidden lighting makes the space functional.



Focal features create a warm area for entertaining.


Situated as to be extension of the interior family room this space comprises features that allow this to be a full featured outdoor living space. Contained within an expansive trellis space is a large fireplace with an outdoor television mounted above. The space is encircled on each side by couches build out of fieldstone and the irregular bluestone floor lined with mondo grass blends the main patio to the vast green expanse beyond. A spacious dining area with a full outdoor kitchen mean the family truly spends time together outside even late into the evening as gas lanterns give off the perfect amount of light.



Materials picked to blend into nature.


Care was taken to create a design and select materials that would seamlessly blend in to the natural surroundings. A large deck space was created that incorporated a special drain technology that would allow the underside of the deck to be fully usable in any weather. Water is the focal point with a bubbling waterfall that leads to a rock lined pond. Carefully selected plants create drama as well as define spaces. A thick stone bridge connects a seating area to a full featured kitchen while allowing you to cross one of the main water features. A sofa created from boulders is a fun and functional accent in this amazing space.



Carrying themes across diverse spaces.


Born of a master plan to completely overhaul an outdoor scape existing interior stone colors were carried outside and used through out to create continuity. Field stone was used to transform the front of the home and that same field stone and full color blue stone were carried 360 degrees around the home. Lighted pathways connect entrances to parking areas and through to deck and patio spaces. Over sized stone and wood columns create drama and specialized water management solutions on the custom deck created a spacious under deck storage area.